Strategic plans can take many forms, but those which really work are the ones which comprise detailed plans of actions where each action is defined with a timeline, a budget, a responsibilities list and a set of deliverables and KPIS. 

We will study what is your organization doing best and what it could do better.  We will review what is your industry doing and where it is going.  We will identify what steps your organization should take to move to where you should be.  Overall the strategic plan will focus on the four key areas of Finance, Operations, Human Resources and Commercial, Sales and Marketing.

It will be a detailed plan so it is clear what needs to be done, who will do it and how it will be measured. 

As per our philosophy you will not be presented with a thick report, full of slick graph, catchy animations  and flashing images, but a robust, detailed strategic, operational, human resource, finance and marketing plan which we will then guide you to implement by being hands-on within your teams.

We will also build for you controls to give you visibility that the plan is indeed being put into action by those responsible since in our experience, as we would assume with yours, no plan materializes just because it is finalised.


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